Find out about Julie Sellars

I am neuro diverse specialist and mental health mentor.

Most people have hopes and imagine how they would like life to be.

For a neurodiverse person these visions can become blocked as they try to fit into a world not designed for them.

I see my role as someone who can listen to their struggles, interruptions and recover their true aims, gaining an understanding of why it is important to them and how to find the path towards their dreams. I say 'towards' because I believe most of the good stuff in life happens whilst on a journey 'towards' something.

I believe most people have great ability to succeed and to realise their potential. The skills if finding how what 'success' means for each person, and how to acquire it.

With the right understanding and with tailored support, I have seen how people grow in confidence and independence. I understand specific needs and enable people to find away through academic study or workplace rigours.

I have also been trained by Holigral as an NLP 4th generation facilitator which equips me to help people with stress, emotional difficulties, phobias and lack of focus. To inspire someone with possibility and the ability to change, is the greatest gift I feel I can offer.

I have worked successfully with HE students at Plumpton College for the last three years. I am looking forward to working with a team.

To find out how building strategies can help, contact Julie

Julie has a special talent for hearing what children want to say and for helping them to understand their learning.

She worked in school watching and talking to individual children about learning. Through the pupil’s voice she identified barriers with their learning and then offered a variety of strategies to overcome the barriers.

She was very quick to tune into styles of learning
and would use that knowledge to help children to talk about their learning. Then together they would find strategies to support progress.

The impact of her work was significant and each child had ownership of the solution. This meant that they would use the strategy and would quickly recognise their own success. Over a short period of time the coaching Julie offered led to children being more confident about their learning and they were able to access more.

The feedback Julie gave to staff not only gave them an insight into how individual children were learning, but also professional support into how to best meet the needs of the child.

At an individual level the support Julie offers can make a difference.