"Dys" is German for difficulty and "lexia" is Greek for language, but what is really happening?

A person with dyslexia might experience the following

  • Difficulties with spelling, reading, handwriting and writing thoughts down

  • Poor short-term memory

  • Difficulty with focus

  • Problems processing instructions

These are such broad terms in a vast subject. My skill is finding a way through the world of words and communication.

I help people develop their own strategies and a voice to celebrate their strengths. 

After a diagnosis of dyslexia, these are the things I can do to help

  1. Reassure you that you are not alone

  2. Help you understand your diagnosis report in a way that's strategic and practical

  3. Respond to the particular range and depth of your potential and find a way to access this 

To find out more about the strategies I use and find some you can use yourself, please click here.

I'll work with you and make a plan