Dyspraxia will affect manual dexterity, balance and motor movement

The problems dyspraxia may cause

  • Likely to be accident prone

  • Lack of fine motor control (handwriting)

  • Problems connecting up different sequences of a process (following a series of instructions)

  • Can struggle completing tasks

What can result from having dyspraxia

  • Having low self-esteem

  • Finding group work difficult

  • Becoming withdrawn or highly frustrated

  • Finding it difficult to sustain effort

If you feel like you may have dyspraxia these are things I can do

  1. Recognise your strengths and develop them

  2. Make some practical, sensible plans on how to manage

  3. Help build self-confidence

  4. Provide reassurance

We'll make a practical plan which will improve things

For strategies to help with the problems caused by dyspraxia click here.