Testimonials for Julie Sellars

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After having found that I needed support for my dyslexia/dyspraxia, I started going to meetings with Julie and found the help she gave very useful. The advice given helped me put strategies in place to help take notes effectively, revise and manage my workload. I am pretty sure that without the help I had, I would not have done as well as I have!
— Tanith HE Animal Science 2013
The strategies that Julie showed us were a revelation. We had previously felt inadequate, knowing that these students needed highly specialist help, but feeling ill-equipped to offer solutions in this area. Since these sessions, the Occupational Therapists have agreed to do a Test of Visual Perception on the second student and have requested further sessions from Julie to help with other students.

We have fed back our learning to the rest of the teaching staff and improved our practice during Accelerated Reading sessions.The opportunity for joint discussion about specific students was invaluable and I can’t recommend Julie highly enough.
— Rebecca Sellens Specialist Speech and Language Therapist
I found the learning support really useful in just being able to talk things through with someone. Julie encouraged me to talk to lecturers when I received a grade for work that I maybe wasn’t expecting, which proved really useful in finding out what I could do better for the next assignment and where I had lost marks. It was also really useful in getting the extra time and PC access for taking exams, which was one less thing to worry about when actually sitting the exam!

It also proved really useful in providing me with skills to use to organise my revision and plan my assignments so that it felt manageable and structured, without being overwhelmed by the amount of work and deadlines. It gave me a way of producing a visual representation of how much time I had left for assignments and revision time, which helped motivate me to study by making the timescale a real thing, rather than an abstract concept, i.e. providing a useful way of forward planning which I always really struggle with.

I’d highly recommend learning support - it just provides that extra bit of back up with organising, structuring and planning your work and revision, and generally makes academic life run just that little bit more smoothly.
— Martina HE Equine 2013