Why it's important to get help as quickly as possible

Throughout my nine years as a practitioner I have experienced all age groups with varying and complex mixtures of difficulties but there is a thread that runs true throughout these personal experiences.

This is the frustration, and often humiliation, that struggling with language acquisition can cause. The dent this makes in a child’s confidence can be palpable, impacting on school, family life and career choices.

The earlier support can be given the better for all

Identifying difficulties early in childhood and using evidence-based approaches to address those difficulties has the potential to deliver significant social and economic benefits. This is particularly true where problems are likely to escalate over time; limit the life chances of the individual, and result in significant costs to society. The rationale for evidence-based early intervention (both early in life and early in the onset of problems) is now widely accepted as part of public policy in the UK and beyond across health, education and social care.
— Early Intervention Project: Briefing Paper