Neurodiversity includes the following

Dyslexia - Dyspraxia - ADHD - Dyscalculia 


Do you have problems with organisation, coordination, processing written information, time-keeping, self-expression or anxiety?

You may be neurodiverse

Working within systems that are more about social organisation than natural flow, the neurodiverse often find themselves at odds with established systems.

At best this results in constant frustration. At worst, people with neurodiversity begin to see themselves as inadequate, isolated, lacking in intelligence, not good enough.

I offer dyslexia support in Lewes and across East Sussex and I will help you reach your potential.

Help is at hand

If you think you are on the neurodiverse spectrum, there are many things that can be done to help.

Everyone is completely different

Dyslexia support is not broad-brush. It must be different for each individual, it is not a one-size-fits-all system, each person will be different and complex and a creative approach is required to find strategies and solutions for everyone.


I work with individuals and companies in Lewes and East Sussex to create systems and strategies which will enable dyslexic people (and anyone with neurodiversity) to realise their aspirations, fit more comfortably in their environment and achieve much greater happiness and feelings of self worth as a result.

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