Highly recommended

After initial nervousness, my child soon relaxed into the assessment process. Emily was extremely good at putting my child at ease and was very intuitive, knowing when a break was needed or if the assessment had become stressful. By the end of the assessment my child was tired but felt confident that they had given their best. When asked, they confirmed that they would be very happy to see Emily again if needed.

The report has been extremely helpful for my child. Not only has it given us as parents a better understanding of their needs, it is also helped my child to understand the reasons behind their particular struggles at school and in life in general.
The report has enabled my child to move forward in a really positive way and feel their potential with better self understanding.   The report has been an extremely helpful tool in ensuring that my child’s needs are met at their current school placement. It has given me the wear with all to have detailed discussions about exactly what my child needs. The report has been extremely helpful in gaining the exam concessions that my child requires to succeed to their full potential.
My child has felt an overwhelming sense of relief to get this diagnosis at long last.
For many years they have wondered why they have struggled whilst other children in their class have found the acquisition of basic skills so much easier.
It has reassured my child that they are not ‘stupid’ And has enabled them to develop a greater resilience so that the many challenges such a learning difficulty can cause, can now be conquered. Gaining this report has had a positive impact on my child’s self-esteem. Sharing extracts of this report with my child has greatly helped them to come to terms with their difficulties and we are truly grateful to Emily for bringing together so many different elements from early childhood and education to help create a clear and concise picture of learning needs and appropriate provision from this point forward.
If your child is struggling at school despite being apparently bright and able, I would highly recommend a full assessment from Emily. It really has opened up a rise to the different needs that our child has, but more importantly it has empowered us and our child to put strategies and provision in place to help them flourish at school. It has also had a positive impact on our home life as we are now able to accommodate our child’s needs more effectively at home and, they intern feel more supported by us. Emily is professional manner has impressed us from start to finish. She was extremely good at putting our child at ease and this enabled a much clearer picture of their learning needs to emerge. We can’t thank Emily enough for the amazing work she has done helping our child on their educations journey.
 – Katy (parent)