Made to feel comfortable

Emily was keen to create a relaxed and positive environment when assessing our daughter. As a result our daughter was not stressed or anxious in any way and genuinely enjoyed the time spent with Emily.

As parents we have never been through the process of assessing a child before so we didn’t know what to expect. The outcome of the report has meant that we are more knowledgeable about our daughters needs, who to contact for more support and what to expect now that we are liaising much more closely with┬áthe school. Ultimately this all helps and supports our daughter so much more as she navigates her way through school
Our daughter has mixed emotions about her diagnosis. She does not want to be any different from her classmates so this does cause some upset. However, now that she knows that she needs help with certain areas of school life, she has embraced it and really does enjoy the small group work away from the larger class. Her diagnosis has highlighted the importance of positive reinforcement and we are working with her on her confidence
Our experience of having an assessment has been a tremendously positive one. Emily is kind, caring, incredibly knowledgeable and very patient. She always makes time to answer our many questions. The most important quality Emily has is making the child feel comfortable with her so that she is able to conduct a thorough assessment of that child.
– Lyla (parent)